.History and professions

The ancestors of my grandfather coming from Hüttendorf in Upper-Silesia. This little town was 3 miles (22 Km) from Oppeln by the river Malapane. In the neighbourhood of this little town are other towns called : Malapane, Alt-Ostdorf, Neu-Ostdorf, Antonia, Sczedrzik, Schönhorst, Brückenfeld, Wüsten, Rodung and Quitang. The colonie Hüttendorf was build 1769, that some peoples comes for working in the Iron-Companie in Malapane. The peoples are handworker and other working as a farmer, but the ground was not so good, it was to much sand in it. In Hüttendorf was 1 Seifensiederei (Soapcompany), 1 Saloon and 2 Shop´s. Also was there a Post-Expedition from Malapane in Hüttendorf.

Professions from the ancestors, how stands in the churchbooks.

     Rollkutscher (Carrier), Hufschmied (Blacksmith), Trucker, Möbelpacker /Furniture-Remover), Kohlbrenner (Charcoal-burner), Colonist, Häussler (?),

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